About Us

Andreea Mihai is a lawyer in the Bucharest Bar since 2004. She graduated the State Law University from Bucharest and from this moment she collaborated with Postolache and Associated Law Firm and then with Telemobil S.A., a telecommunication company known as Zapp bought by Cosmote and she got in touch with clients regarding the debts to the companies or with the Romanian institutions regarding the trademarks, contraventions etc. She helped some families from Italy and from Romania to adopt children as a new Romanian adoption law entered into force. Besides this she accumulated experience working with state for the criminal causes and she had personal causes with the land once under the property of her grandfather.

Her desire is to see the satisfaction on the client’s face in order to collaborate continuously with actual clients and with potential clients.

Since 2012 she became member of UNPIR (www.unpir.ro) being an insolvency practitioner. Since 2012 she also became a mediator, being authorized by the Board of Mediation because this profession (also that of the practitioner) is connected to the law profession.

Professional experience – 9 years law practice;

Studies: State Law University – Bucharest University;

Master: European law;

Member of the Bucharest Bar;

Member of UNPIR (Authority of the Bankruptcy)

Authorized mediator of the Board of the Mediation

Member of the National Union of the Mediators of Romania

Please contact the law office for further details or for fees as these are lawyer to other law offices due to the fact of a small office (no intermediary) but with great experience.