Divorce Law in Romania/Divorce lawyer

1. How can I divorce in Romania?

2. How long does the procedure of divorce last in Romania?

3. What are the conditions to divorce in Romania?

4. Why should I contact a local lawyer from Romania in order to divorce in Romania?

5. When can persons divorce in Romania?

6. How are the assets devised in case of a divorce in Romania?

7. What about the child custody in case of divorce in Romania? Who is entitled to take care of our child?

8. If the child is not in my custody can I contact the child after divorce in Romania?

9. What are the court taxes for divorce in Romania? How much does a divorce cost in Romania?

10. What are the lawyer fees for divorce in Romania?

11. What are the authorized mediator’s fees in case of a mediator agreement for divorce in Romania?

12. What are exactly our services as a lawyer or an authorized mediator in order to divorce in Romania?

13. Why should I choose you as my lawyer to represent me in the court?

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