1. How can in register the residence on the territory of Romania?

Please contact us or read the article on the site where is described in English the registration of the residence on the Romanian territory.
The costs to register the residence in Romania are very low
If you are married with a Romanian it is the easiest way to get residence in Romania.
If not, you just need to show the means of support, just look on the national site where are described all the fees that are very low not exceeding 125 RON (approximately 30 Euro)/month for single persons.
“Residence based on means of support
a) standard application;
b) identity card or passport (original and copy);
c) proof of the means of support;
d) proof of the health insurance – except for persons who are insured without payment of the contribution, in accordance with art. 213 of the Law no. 95/2006 on health reform, as further amended and supplemented;
e)fees. – not exceding 30 Euro.”

2. Which is the cost in order to register the residence in Romania?

The costs are very low in order to register the residence in Romania not exceding 30 Euro/month/person.